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pelican_orange_logo_blue_background_82x82Since 1986, CaseTech has been one of America’s largest case companies providing the highest level of service to its customers. When it comes to Rackmount cases, CaseTech can help you find the right solution. From standard off the shelf to custom tailored per your requirements. Contact the CaseTech team today.



Many sizes and features can be found in standard mount rack case, built for portability, endurance and utility.


Rack Mount Cases of any size, built for any type equipment. Rack Units from 3U to 26U+, we have you covered.


Aluminum rack cases are popular rack mounts. These lightweight protective server cases make servers highly portable.


With cases from Pelican, Hardigg, Zarges & more, we can help find the right rack mounting solution for you.

Need a custom rack, or assistance selecting the right solution?

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CaseTech is Industry Preferred

Since 1986, we have worked with a variety of industries for a  multitude of applications including:

Defense Contracting
Trade Show
Information Technology
Testing & Calibration Equipment
Audio Visual
Video Broadcast
Public Safety
Fire & Emergency
FEMA/Homeland Security
Custom Packaging
OEM Packaging

Rack Cases 101

What are a Rack cases? They are a robust storage material and shipping cases, which are made of polyethylene or aluminum and/or steel sheets. And they are used to store and transport many types of sensitive devices.

Advanced Case Solutions

Learn more about Rack Cases standard.

Know 101

Rack Mount Cases from CaseTech

Standard Rack Cases

Blackbox Racks


Compact & Lightweight, the BlackBox by Pelican is perfect for small equipment, airtight & water proof casing for electronic equipment.

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Classic V Series

Pelican Classic V 7U

Pelican is the leader in professional grade rack mount cases for servers and other equipment. In stock, able to arrive in days.

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Super V Series

Off The Shelf Rack Mount Cases, built for professionals. Super V Rack Cases are in stock & usually ship within days, Contact CaseTech Today!!.

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Custom Rack Cases

Classic Racks

Pelican™ Classic Rack cases are ideal for rack mountable precision test, electro-mechanical, medical and biological diagnostic equipment, memory storage devices, meteorological instruments, mobile operations, broadcast and video gear, laboratory equipment, aerospace instrumentation, servers, military mission planning, command and control equipment, and flight simulators.

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Pelican™ SuperMAC™ rackmount cases are ideal for field-deployed equipment and sheltered applications. Typical uses include control consoles and panels, radar and microwave antennas, solid-state circuit electronics, or radio, TV and communications equipment.

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Mac Racks

Pelican™ MAC Rack™ rackmount cases are ideal for field-deployed and sheltered applications. Perfect for semi-ruggedized equipment that requires good shock and vibration protection in a light, compact case.

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Pelican™ ProRack™ cases are lightweight, space-efficient, front and rear opening transport container (not a shock mounted/cushioned rackmount system) for field ruggedized equipment. Rugged 18″ deep cases with aircraft aluminum frame suspended on plastic fins.

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Aluminum Racks


Zarges Mitraset

We offer 50 different sizes, and can fabricate custom sizes up to 22U. Our cases are watertight, lightweight and dissipate heat excellently. Built to handle 19″ electronics in any temperature or environment.

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Mitraset Racklite

The Racklite series has all the advantages of the standard Mitraset case, but is built 15% lighter than the Mitraset. An aluminum rack mount case that is built watertight and engineered to operate in the roughest climates on earth. A lightweight portable equipment rack.

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Portable Server Rack

When you need your server mobile, a Rack Mount Case from Rack Case Solutions is the perfect functional protection. Professional grade portable server protection.

Aluminum Rack Case

When you need a server case for moving around in the field, it may be critical that your portable server housing also be lightweight and able to dissipate heat easily.

Custom Rack Mounts

Create your own rack case, specific to your servers mounting needs. Rack mounting fabricated to any size and cases configured for any equipment needs.

Durable Rack Mounts

Protect your server on the go with impact resistant rack mount cases. Built to run even the most server intensive operations while keeping your computers shielded from harm.

Pelican Hardigg Cases

We carry Rack Cases from manufacturers of Pelican, Hardigg, We also carry Zarges, Rack manufacture of lightweight aluminum racks.

Any Size Rack Case

With extensive experience in customizing rack mount cases for every application, the staff at CaseTech can assist with creating a case of any size or specification.