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Super Mac Rack

Pelican™ SuperMAC™ rackmount cases are ideal for field-deployed equipment and sheltered applications. Typical uses include control consoles and panels, radar and microwave antennas, solid-state circuit electronics, or radio, TV and communications equipment.

  • A space-saving, lightweight case with a removable rack option
  • Protection for equipment from 20-200 lbs
  • Equipment typically will have 40-70 G fragility
  • Available in 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 14U
  • All racks have a width of 19 inches
  • All racks have a length of 24 inches
  • 2 and 5 inch lid variations available
  • 14 optional colors to choose from (Gray is Standard)


  • Textured low visibility finish for unobtrusive storage and transport.
  • Patented Comfort Grip HandlesTM make lifting easy.
  • Recessed, cobalt black hardware is long-lasting and fastens securely.
  • 24″ wide – two cases can fit side-by-side in most military vehicles.
  • Molded-in rib design provides secure stacking and interlock.
  • Patent pending shock mount design.
  • Removable rack features Lock ‘N LoadTM, a quick latch system that locks racks securely into place for transit, unlike competitive models that can slide freely upon impact.
  • Space-saving, light weight case with a removable rack option.
  • Molded-in lid hangers allow lid to hang easily from the side of the case.

Application Examples

  • Field-deployed equipment.
  • Sheltered applications.
  • Control consoles and panels.
  • Radar and Microwave antennas.
  • Solid-state circuit electronics.
  • Radio, TV and communications equipment