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Miltraset Racklite

The ZARGES MITRASET RACKLITE aluminum rack mount case is the perfect choice in protection for mission critical components from the desert to the arctic. MITRASET RACKLITE is 15% lighter than the competition, making it ideal for programs with strict size and weight budgets. The structural rigidity of the case eliminates distortion resulting from high temperature exposure; interchangeable lids and spring steel latches replace mismatched rack mount lids and knuckle busting latches. Our cases are watertight and provide excellent heat dissipation. See the tabs below for available sizes.
Relevant Industries: Military, Rugged Environments


  • Fits 19″ electronics and equipment
  • 15% lighter than the standard Mitraset
  • Protection class IP 65 through seam-welded housing and lid with peripheral seal
  • Easily stackable even with varying height and depth
  • Stable frame profile with integrated floating mounts for fasteners
  • Sides with recessed sprung drop handles
  • All sides and lid stiffened with molded sections
  • Eight rubber shock mounts with slide rails to support the anti-vibration frame
  • Lid with spring steel latches
  • Variable heights and depths
  • Mitraset Racklite Basic available without corner bumpers.