About Rack Case Solutions

An authorized pelican reseller, Rack Case Solutions exists to serve the needs of industries which rely on portability of server technology. No matter what type of hardware you need to mount and transport, Rack Case Solutions has a rackmount that will work for your system.

About Our Rackmount Company

At Rack Case Solutions, we have extensive experience with Rackmounts. A lot goes into the sizing of the case, so that it is perfectly made for your hardware. You also need a power solution tailored to your device. Speak with one of our dedicated rack mounting experts today about your needs, and we can help you come up with a solution perfect for your situation.

We have worked with many different industries, including defense, aerospace, electronics, datacenters, audio visual, fire and emergency services, and many others. From sterile and safe environments like clean rooms to rugged outdoor applications, our rackmount cases have served the needs of countless companies, keeping their computer equipment and other devices safe and functioning in any circumstance.